About me…

During the day, I earn my living as an architect and a manager in Paris for a big IT firm (Web Technologies, Innovation and Enterprise Architecture).

Not much time left after that but… during the night, I enjoy myself as a free thinker with deep interests in Information Technologies, Semantic, Computation and the wind of change they bring to human society.

I have observed and build for the web for a long time (1996). Reading the web, I have found too many times echos of ideas I have in mind for a long time. Ideas that I didn’t respect sufficently to express, share and build from them. Everyone has experienced that kind of feelings I think. I have decided to change that for myself.

I here expose my ideas to the community, hoping to find echos, critics and support to build new things.

As an experienced architect, I know that my humble power to change things is directly related to people who help you build !

I hope my writings will be of interest to you.

Finally, I need to put clear that all the opinions expressed in this website are my personnal opinions with absolutely no relation to my current professional activity.


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